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BayesiaLab Elastic License Account

Bayesia S.A.S.

BayesiaLab Elastic License Account

$ 299.00 (USD)

Setting up BayesiaLab Elastic License Account comes with 6 hours of prepaid BayesiaLab usage time. After that, your BayesiaLab usage is charged at $44/hour to your account and invoiced at the end of each month. 

"Usage" is the amount of time between the start and the end of a BayesiaLab session, i.e. the time between launching BayesiaLab and quitting the program. Note that any idle time, e.g. BayesiaLab running in the background, counts as usage. 

Usage is recorded via the Bayesia License Server (BLS), to which BayesiaLab maintains a continuous connection during an active session. Note that only usage is recorded and that no other information is transmitted to BLS.

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